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What is WKA?

Kickboxing was started in the 70’s by the World Kickboxing Association and has fast become the world’s most exciting sport, which instils confidence, self-esteem, fitness awareness and agility. The WKA now have no fewer than 129 international offices and their administration office is based in Erdington, Birmingham, England.

  • Kickboxing and soccer are the two sports, which are truly worldwide in popularity and acceptance. An estimated 300,000,000 citizens of the world practise at least one form of marital arts.

  • The British are becoming health conscious and fitness orientated and are fascinated with martial arts.

  • An estimated 2-3 million British people are currently training in martial arts. Martial arts particularly appeal to males aged 18-35 and to women as a means of self-protection. There is also a high proportion of children practising martial arts. Over the past ten years it is estimated that more than 6,000,000 people have trained in one form of martial arts.

  • Martial arts stress fitness discipline and conditioning and instil self-confidence.

  • There are over 20,000 clubs and gyms throughout Britain providing instruction in martial arts.

  • Martial arts are a favourite conditioning activity of Hollywood stars including: Sylvestor Stallone, Patrick Swayze, Jean Claude Van Damme, Michelle Pfieffer, Chuck Norris and Cynthia Rothrock.

  • Large worldwide corporations are sponsoring martial arts demonstration teams and world championship tournaments.

  • Sales of martial arts merchandise and protective equipment have doubled each year since 1983. The martial arts industry in Britain as a whole turns over £22,000,000 a year.

  • The sale of martial arts magazines has doubled in the last ten years; there are currently eight titles available, which are published monthly in Britain with a total circulation in excess of 100,000 nationally. There are also several imported titles, which also have a large readership.

  • For decades the mystique of martial arts and kickboxing has captivated millions of cinema patrons, who have paid billions of dollars to view the action-packed adventures of such top draw athletes and movie stars as: Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Segal, Patrick Swayze, Brandon Lee, Mel Gibson, Dolf Lundgren and more. Over the last ten years television and kickboxing have proven successful with sports fans and movie fans alike.

  • There are over a hundred countries worldwide participating in the sport of kickboxing. World title fights have been promoted in prestigious venues such as: The Tokyo Dome and Yokohama Arena ~ Tokyo, The Olympic Stadium ~ Moscow, Caesar’s ~ Las Vegas, Sydney Convention Centre ~ Australia and have attracted live audiences in excess of 60,000.

  • Kung-Fu (Wu-Su) is the national sport of China with in excess of 100,000,000 participating daily. Sanda (kickboxing) is also one of the fastest growing material arts in China. This discipline is supported by the WKA who have already arranged International competitions.

  • With the American television sports network ESPN, kickboxing is the longest running sports show (over twelve years) and draws an average audience of over 2,000,000 spectators every week.

  • The WKA is the largest and oldest of the kickboxing associations and has its name and logo currently protected in over 90 countries world-wide.


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