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BJMA Krav Maga

This is our Head BJMA Krav Maga Instructor - Jaye Howard (3rd Degree Black Belt)

BJMA Krav Maga Classes
ONLY available at Gympie Q
MOND & THURS nights  6.15pm

Expect to receive lots of guidance & encouragement from our cranky looking (They are lovely really!) Black Belts below: 
(from left to right) Jarrod, Jaye Howard (our head instructor - 3rd Degree Black Belt) & David 
And Sue.

BJMA Krav Maga is based on the Israeli Military hand to hand combat system known as KRAV MAGA. It deals with high level self defence situations and trainees are drilled on how best to cope in the highly stressful scenario of a physical assault.


BJMA Krav Maga was designed for the unique Australian environment. It is a fast paced fat burning workout that will leave you exhausted, pumped and in possession of a highly practical self-defence skill set.


This class is not suitable for children, and is only available for adults (Men 18+  and  Women 16+)

White Tiger Martial Arts Academy Gympie Krav Zen Do Kai

All our BJMA Krav Maga classes are only held at our dojo in 

Freemasons Centre, 37 Channon St, Gympie 

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