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Zen Do Kai

Zen Do Kai History


Zen Do Kai is a system of martial arts designed over forty years ago by Bob Jones when he opened his first martial arts club in Elizabeth St, Melbourne.


Zen Do Kai is an open system... the best of everything in progression. This means using effective techniques from different styles and applying it our own self defense forms.


With schools across the whole of Australia and New Zealand, it is by far the largest Martial Arts organisation in Australasia, boasting nearly 1000 classes per week catering for all walks of life.


This style is well suited for ages from 4 yrs up.

All our instructors have current and valid Blue Cards.

Kids 4+  and Adults of all ages


MON & THURS NIGHTS  -   4pm - 4-8yr olds

-   5.15pm - 9yr olds + Adults


WEDS NIGHTS  -  6pm - 4+ to Adult Mixed class

#CarolynShearnPhotography BJMA EAST COAS
At training you will receive much guidance & encouragement from our black & brown belts
Head Instructor Renshi Jaye Howard (3rd Degree Black Belt) at the time of the Photo

Adam King (Black Belt in ZDK & also Black Belt in another style) 
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