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Womens & Girls 16+ Self Defence classes

Women & Girls Self Defence Classes are only available at our Gympie Dojo, on a Monday night 6.15pm (with our BJMA Krav Maga Class)

Our head instructor Renshi Jaye has 27 years martial arts & self defence experience in a variety of styles, and is currently ranked 3rd Degree Black Belt styles currently taught at our Gympie Qld dojo (feel free to check our website for all his credentials).

Sensei Jaye has class plans for each of the six classes in the series, which includes the following:

  • When is it is it time to act?

  • How to Stay Safe when it is time to act.

  • The legals of self defence.

Some Tips & Hints

How to avoid being vulnerable (a target) for a potential attacker in the first place & put yourself “in danger” including:

  • In the home

  • Walking to your car

  • Walking at night

  • Being aware

  • Noticing “danger signs”


Effective Physical techniques you can learn & practice to help protect yourself against:

  • Men or Women with violent or malicious intention.

  • Get out of grabs & holds - Numerous techniques to help you potentially “escape” from an attacker.

  • How to cover up and defend yourself against punches.

  • Best ways to protect yourself if you are on the ground, & how to get back to your feet.


ASK & You will be provided with printouts of Real-world helpful tips & hints about how you can avoid being vulnerable and how to stay safe in your daily life. There are links & other resources you can research at your own leisure.


WHAT TO WEAR, & WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothing Tshirt/shorts, and bring water. (You will have to complete registration forms prior to training, for insurance purposes). No Uniforms, or belts in this course.


CAN’T MAKE IT THESE DATES? OR WANT TO CONTINUE AFTER THE COURSE?: Gympie Self Defence classes are every Tues & Thurs nights 6.15pm, and are suitable for anyone 16+ for girls or 18+ for men or who has done this Self Defence Course. (Please know that that style requires you to have gradings & belts.)

Check out our website, or just call in to the dojo ask your questions on the spot TUES OR THURS 6.15pm.


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