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  • Pricing depends on how many training sessions/lessons you commit to per month - DOWNLOAD PRICING GUIDE HERE
  • All lessons to be paid in advance the more lessons you pay for in advance the cheaper it is per lesson.
  • Monthly fees include all insurances and other costs
  • No refunds will be given (even in the event of cancellation of membership.)
Should you have any issues, please consult Renshi Jaye in Training.
FAMILY DISCOUNTS MAY APPLY  >> We also have a REFERRAL PROGRAM which can save you $$$$
Collect a printed current pricing schedule at either:
  1. Gympie (Freemason Centre, Channon St, Gympie) - Tues & Thurs nights
  2. Kandanga Hall - Weds nights
If you have an unusual situation you would like to discuss, feel free to go to your closest Dojo & talk to Head instructor Renshi Jaye.
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