Pay Casually before each lesson $18 per person per class.
Pay monthly in advance in Bulk 
Pricing depends on how many training sessions/lessons you commit to per month
All lessons are to be paid in advance the more lessons you pay for in advance >>>  the cheaper it is per lesson.
Monthly fees include all insurances and other costs, no refunds will be given (even in the event of cancellation of membership.) Should you have any issues, please consult Sensei Jaye in Training.
FAMILY DISCOUNTS MAY APPLY  >> We also have a REFERRAL PROGRAM which can save you $$$$
Collect a printed current pricing schedule at either:
  1. Gympie (Senior Cits Hall - Mellor St, Gympie) - Tues & Thurs nights
  2. Kandanga Hall - Weds nights
As an EXAMPLE ONLY here is our 2019 pricing Guide CLICK HERE to download.
If you have an unusual situation you would like to discuss, feel free to go to your closest  Dojo & talk to Head instructor Sensei Jaye Howard.