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Dojo Rules

Code of Conduct, Health & Safety, and Etiquette

Martial Arts by nature can create dangerous situations and space. All students, parents and audience must be mindful of this, and report all possible breaches of rules, and risks to the health and safety of EVERYONE.


If a student does any of the following, they may be sat down for that class, depending on the severity and if it is a repeat offence.


Students are strictly banned from teaching skills learned in these martial arts without the written permission of Sensei Jaye or Bob Jones Martial Arts


CODE OF CONDUCT - Applies in and out of the DOJO

  1. Follow instructions issued by instructors and higher ranks, and ask questions if you don’t understand (If you don’t it may be dangerous to you or others).

  2. Respect Hiarachy/seniors/fellow students

    1. Appreciate the knowledge they can teach you

    2. Treat others as you would like to be treated

  3. No talking while instructor is talking.

  4. Due to the nature of the sport, and interests of all involved, all children on the premises who are not training, are to be supervised by an adult at all times (no running around).



  1. Wear & use all relevant Personal Protective Equipment at all times:

    1. Mouthguard

    2. Pads/gear

    3. Gloves

    4. Groin guard

    5. **Special care when using weapons and sparring (refer below)

  2. Full disclosure is vital on all students health and fitness - pre-existing injuries, ailments and health conditions at all times.

  3. Notify Sensei Jaye or any hierarchy of any accidents or incidents immediately in case first aid is required, or an incident report is to be completed.

  4. A student must ask the instructors permission to leave the Dojo floor.

  5. Always be aware of your surroundings – extra care when training around spectators, children, and passers-by.




  1. Help get dojo ready for training sessions –

    1. Look for and notify Sensei Jaye or other hierarchy any WHS issues (spills/objects on floor/breakages)

    2. on arrival, and at the end of class

      1. Help get equipment out put it away

      2. Help get furniture out of the way & prepare dojo for training

  2. Good behaviour (in the Dojo & out on grading’s/events/demos, etc.)

  3. Bow in at entry and exit of Dojo (sign of respect)

  4. Keep all equipment clean & tidy

  5. Notify instructor of damaged equipment

  6. No swearing or rude remarks – respect everyone in the dojo

  7. A student is not to walk in front of a higher ranked student.

  8. If late, a student must stand at the side of the training floor and wait to be bowed in by the instructor.



  1. Students Shoes must not to be worn on the dojo floor.

  2. Always train with the "true" attitude of bushido

  3. Always address ranks by their titles



  1. Self-control. If there is any student that gives out excessive contact in touch training (sparring and weapons), they may have to be sat down for the rest of the class.

  2. Must spar to your level of training.

  3. EXTRA CARE - Sparring with lower Belts. You must show restraint, and respect others.

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