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BJMA Krav Maga

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BJMA Krav Maga is not a specific style or art in itself, it was developed much along the lines of Zen Do Kai, i.e. the best of everything in progression. Krav Maga was developed using techniques from many styles but incorporating a base set of principles.

Krav Maga should be taught utilising the following base principles:

  1. Simultaneous defence and attack, as you defend you attack.

  2. Skill sets should incorporate natural gross motor movements that flow naturally even under duress. (Simplistic moves that can be performed after fine motor skills have diminished)

  3. Defences and responses should be transferable to multiple types of attacks. (Empty hand and weapons)

  4. All techniques use maximum efficiency and effectiveness to neutralise threat as quickly as possible. (Minimum response time, maximum effect)

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Certified Instructors of BJMA Krav Maga are required to be of the highest standard to ensure the integrity of the BJMA brand.

Part of the certification process will involve the instructor being tested not only on their physical skill sets, but also their theoretical knowledge of the specific system being taught, its principles and applications.

Our instructors will have the opportunity to be involved in on-going professional development programs that will include high level field first aid, various types of driving skill sets, equipment selection and Risk Assessment capabilities for all environments.

This combined testing ensures consistent and proficient Instruction, and forms part of the professional development program for all instructors teaching any system under BJMA.

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